Morris Group Divisions

Workforce Housing

Providing a full suite of services to our clients provides the continuity to ensure that only excellent products and services are provided consistently from beginning to end. 


We understand the importance of food in a remote setting. We work with local workforces and suppliers to deliver millions of fresh, seasonal, healthy meals to your table. 

Building Systems

Our mission is to leverage decades worth of benchmark engineering and exceptional service to design, manufacture and deliver the best fabric structures.

Site Services

Morris Group assists with all aspects of maintaining a site such as developing plans, forecasting labour, equipment, material requirements, associated budgets and more.

IT Services

Our designs provide both on-premise & cloud computing paired with expert managed services ensuring the right products are installed the first time, and operate as intended.


Morris Group’s successful international division focuses on the world of construction and engineering. We are inspired by a constant innovation process.

Flying Post Camp & Logistics

Flying Post Camp and Logistics is a full turnkey company providing camp, catering and site services. The Morris Group has built camps for over 1800 residents.


A HONOMOBO is a factory built home constructed with rigid steel. Our homes are meticulously designed for extreme durability, efficiency and right-sized for modern living.