Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing

A true turnkey experience

Providing full turnkey services using collective experience and resources to offer solutions to organizations that cover all phases of their projects – from exploration, construction, permanent operations and beyond.  You can be confident in the fact that a partnership with Morris Group and its full modular EPCM solution for the camp and its operation will provide efficiencies across a broad array of services.  Providing a solution that will promote a safe and comfortable environment that will lower total facility operating costs and provide a memorable service experience to you and your employees.  The entire process is simple and stress-free, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best – mining.

Collectively, we take care of all aspects of your workforce accommodations for you while saving time and money.  Our priority is always on delivering both a high-quality modular solution supported by the best customer service in the industry. We provide innovative and economical solutions to customers like government and private markets, including mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, construction, and renewables.  Our services provide a direct benefit to not only our clients, but more importantly to our Indigenous partners through financial contributions, job creation, training, and career path development.

Being involved with some of the largest and most challenging workforce accommodation projects for mining companies in Eastern Canada, has provided our team with invaluable experience and a complete understanding of project management and successful execution. This knowledge translates into significant value for our customers and their projects.

Workforce Housing

How we can help

Clients that are looking for a true turnkey solution, agree that the Morris Group offers a suite of services and products that are unique only to the Morris Group. The following is the step-by-step process that we have become accustomed to utilizing with our existing clients with positive results.

Workforce Housing

Experts in Their Fields

The team at Morris Group is made up of experts in the fields of modular construction, project management, and camp operations. This ensures that each project is executed with the highest level of expertise and attention to detail.  We have hand‐selected team members due to their outstanding qualifications and experience working on successful camp development projects. They have also developed solid working relationships with each other that enhance and strengthen every project on which they participate. The team consists of key personnel who understand the great importance of successfully executing projects while being responsive and the easiest company to do business with.  

Project Management and Site Development

Modular EPCM - Site and camp layout planning, full engineering, site development (from tree removal to civil works), permitting (support or management), and full site services and utilities for the project


QA / QC management, strategic partnerships, customization, and cooperative planning

New and Used Equipment (Rental / Purchase / Lease-to-Purchase)

All aspects of your remote camp needs (Dormitories, Kitchen/Diners, Recreation and Gym Facilities, Minedry’s, Modular Offices and Complexes, Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Power Generation, etc.)

Operational Support

Camp Management

Catering and Janitorial services

(Camp and Mine Site Operations)

Camp Maintenance

Site Services

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Morris Group has worked with many clients and companies over the years to create cost-effective turn-key solutions. If you’re interested in our Workforce Housing solution, view one of our recent projects to learn more.

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