1650 Person Turn-Key Camp

Project Management

Morris Group in partnership with local First Nations, engineered and installed all accommodation, administrative, dining and recreation complexes. Infrastructure for all installations including walkways, trades and IT were also provided facilitating a turn key install.


Logistics and transportation for all modular spaces was carefully managed including transportation to site, blocking and staging.

Indigenous Relations

Morris Group provides a very transparent financial model to the nation. We bring entrepreneurial expertise and add as many revenue streams as possible for every community we integrate with. Through these partnerships we are able to facilitate growth, prosperity and help capacity for the community.

Site Services

Site management is key in Northern Ontario, Morris Group in partnership with First Nations provide all services including the following:

  • Snow removal for all facilities from roads to walkways.
  • Daily transportation of fuel and water including the operation and management of the sewage treatment plant and potable water supply systems.
  • Road Management including grading and curbing.
  • Delivery and management of all trades for maintenance and ongoing construction.

Flying Post Camp + Logistics Joint Venture